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samsung s23 Great AI Features

Samsung S23 available at starting price of Rs 44,999 during Flipkart Big Saving Days sale, limited-time offers ending soon


samsung s23

At a discounted price of Rs 69,999, Amazon is presently selling the Samsung Galaxy S23 5G AI smartphone, which is a significant 27% less than its original MRP of Rs 89,999. This good bargain is even more alluring to potential purchasers because it includes all necessary taxes.

With its state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading software, the Galaxy S23 caused quite a stir when it launched early in the previous year. And because of its outstanding qualities, which haven’t changed at all over the course of more than a year, it still shines brightly on the market. Consider its top-of-the-line Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, which delivers astounding performance even under the most taxing conditions, or its superb camera system, which yields results worthy of a pro in any lighting condition. Lately,

By releasing the One UI 6.1 upgrade, which grants the Galaxy S23 access to the excellent Galaxy AI features, Samsung further sweetened this offer. The Galaxy S23 is a fantastic deal that shouldn’t be missed because it will be available for as low as Rs 44,999 during the upcoming Flipkart Big Saving Days sale. Here is a glimpse of all the amazing Galaxy AI technology on the Galaxy S23.

Live Translate in Samsung s23 – Say goodbye to language barriers!

samsung s23 live translate

Live Translate like a scene from a science fiction film. It functions during phone conversations, translating spoken words so that people can communicate in their own tongues and understand one another. This is immensely helpful for those who collaborate with individuals of different nations. Additionally, it’s very beneficial for travelers because overcoming language barriers can lead to fresher, more exquisite encounters. Real-time speech and text translations are offered by Live Translate. As soon as you say something, the device instantly interprets it for the other person in their native tongue. What they say, in turn, comes to you as text and speech in the language of your choice. It’s a fantastic tool to have on your phone.

Samsung recently created a video featuring a chat between JB Park, the president and CEO of Samsung Southwest Asia, and Kalyan Krishnamurthy, the CEO of Flipkart Group, to highlight the capabilities of this incredible technology. In the video, even though Kalyan and JB are speaking in their own tongues, Live Translate makes sure that they can communicate without any problems.

Circle to Search in Samsung s23 – Searching was never this easy

samsung s23 Whatever you circle, it gets searched.

The way we conduct web searches has been completely transformed by Circle to Search. It can be used without leaving any open apps on your phone, is quicker, and doesn’t require typing. Simply circle the item (scribbling also works) you want additional information about, and the phone will display all related results, as the name implies.

As a result, there’s no need to navigate between programs, and you’ll also save time trying to explain the image. Simply circle the term you want to know its definition for using Circle to Search, which even functions with text. Simply press and hold the Home button to activate Circle to Search and quickly receive your results, regardless of the app you’re using.

Photo Assist in Samsung s23 – Become a Pro with just a tap

samsung s23 Photo Assist – Become a Pro with just a tap

You may forget about the tediousness of photo editing when you use Photo Assist. In that sense, this Galaxy AI tool is a total game-changer because it lets you perform AI-powered adjustments with ease with just a single press. Yes, its Edit Suggestion tool examines your images and provides tailored advice on how to enhance their beauty. These tips might range from changing the color of the sky to eliminating glass reflections, giving your photos more style and polish. Then there’s Generative Edit, a cutting-edge tool that lets you flexibly move subjects in your photos.Curious as to what occupies the space left by this? The program creates complementary surroundings to fill the area with ease. Additionally, you may use this tool to enlarge your photographs and cleverly fill up the extra space. An novice photographer’s paradise is Photo Assist.

Chat Assist in Samsung s23 – Personal assistant for all your communication needs


samsung s23 Chat Assist – Personal assistant for all your communication needs

With its intended purpose of revolutionizing and improving chat-based communication, Chat Assist is a vital tool for professionals in the workforce. You can use Chat Assist to quickly adjust the tone of a message you’ve written to suit the situation. This enables an informal message to be transformed into one that is completely professional and deserving of a polished response. Not to mention, we’ll take care of all of your errors. However, there’s more. Chat Assist translates texts to assist you overcome language barriers, just like Live Translate does. This allows both parties to write to one other in their own tongues and still have unrestricted communication.

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