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Foldable IPhone

An application for a patent might mean that Apple is developing a foldable iPhone.


In relation to an iPhone that can fold. Apple has not communicated with us at all. A 20.3-inch foldable MacBook has been the subject of conjecture, and the rumor originated with one of the greatest analysts and leakers of all time, Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International, who stated back in March that such a gadget is in development. It has been stated that Apple is more worried about the resilience of a folding iPhone than a foldable MacBook.

However, according to Patently Apple, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) has published a patent application that Apple submitted in October of last year. The patent application pertains to the hinge for an iPhone Flip. Apple describes hinges for folding devices as follows: “Housing sections of a foldable display device may be joined by a hinge. The hinge may be overlapped by a flexible display. The hinge allows the foldable device to be transferred from its folded to its unfurled configuration.”

The illustrations show a non-descript clamshell phone that folds around a vertical axis similar to the Galaxy Z Flip phones, the Motorola Razr models, and other phones that fold in this manner. The hinge moves both inwards and outwards although the former is the movement most associated with clamshell foldables. Some outward folding devices, like the Honor V Purse, do exist.

Parts like synchronization gear plates and friction clips are mentioned in the patent application. The filing of the patent does not imply that Apple is developing the iPhone Flip. It does, after all, file a large number of patent applications annually, only a small portion of which are eventually turned into finished goods or components.

Before making a foldable iPhone in the form of a book, Apple may think about making a clamshell model. This could be because, according to sales data, the Galaxy Z Flip, a clamshell, has sold more foldables than any other device over the past three years, surpassing even the Galaxy Z Fold variants.



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